Mobile Accessory of the Year! 

The Multi-Award Winning & Iconic Spiderpodium by Breffo® is one of the worlds Bestselling and most Functional Mobile Accessories on the Market. Voted Mobile Accessory of the Year, the Breffo Spiderpodium allows you to ‘Dock’, ‘Stand’, ‘Hang’, ‘Grip’ or ‘Mount’ multiple devices such as Smartphones, Sat-Nav Units, Mini Tablet’s & Digital Cameras, virtually Anywhere to just about Anything... 

Fits Every Car. Every Phone.Spiderpodium In Car

Movies & Video Calls On The GoSpiderpodium Cafe

Compact Travel StandSpiderpodium Train

Secure In Dash GPSSpiderpodium Sat Nav

UK’s No.1 Universal Flexible Mobile Accessory

The Spiderpodium by Breffo is an Award Winning Flexible Accessory for Handheld Devices. The Patent Protected Spiderpodium has 8 Strong but Flexible Legs which allow for the Product to be Bent and Moulded into Any Shape around Any Device, and then Hang, Grip, Stand or Mount on most Any Surface!

The Spiderpodium is a highly sought after Accessory having been voted Mobile Accessory of the Year, and is now one of the Bestselling Mobile Accessories on the Market, Sold in over 50 Countries Globally. Widely Praised in the Media, the Spiderpodium has featured on The Apprentice, Top Gear, BBC’s This Morning Show, The New York Times, The LA Times, Tatler, BBC Radio, The Guardian, The Mail, Endgadget, Mashable, Wired, etc, as well as being spotted in the hands of a few Celebrities!

The truly universal design of the Spiderpodium, following years of research by Breffo Design Team, means the product will work with most every Smartphone, Sat Nav, and other Handheld Devices on the Market…Forever.  Impressive? Yes. Very!

Folds Flat For StorageSpiderpodium In Bag

Fits Securely On All BikesSpiderpodium Bike


  • Multi-Award Winning Design.
  • Truly Universal: Works with Every Smartphone on the Market
  • Fits Every Car, Every Sat Nav, Every Phone, Every Model. Forever!
  • Fully Flexible Legs allow you to Bend and Mould to Any Shape at Any Angle
  • Lightweight & Portable. Folds Flat for Travel.
  • Strong & Sturdy with British Steel Frame and Protective Rubber Body
  • Hangs, Grips, Mounts & Stands Anywhere and Everywhere.
  • Design Registered and Patent Protected
  • Made in the UK


Spiderpodium Awards

Spiderpodium Made In Britain


Featured on


Spiderpodium The Apprentice Spiderpodium Top GearSpiderpodium T3Spiderpodium MetroSpiderpodium WiredSpiderpodium BBCSpiderpodium the GuardianSpiderpodium Daily MailSpiderpodium StuffSpiderpodium Evo MagazineSpiderpodium This MorningSpiderpodium CNet Spiderpodium TatlerSpiderpodium Pocket Lint

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